Expansion Joint Fire Barrier Products

  • UL 2079 listed for 1 and 2 Hour rating.
  • Now available with and without Seismic Shear
  • Easy to install no fire caulk needed! 
  • Compatible with most expansion joint assemblies.
  • Custom systems available.


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Thermal Structures Fire Barrier products are sold through our network of authorized distributors.

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From our modest beginning in 1951 as a manufacturer of heat shields, Thermal Structures has designed, engineered, and manufactured thermal protection products for the aerospace and industrial markets.

In 1995, Thermal Structures entered the construction industry with substantial credibility and experience in thermal and fire protection. TSI has used its extensive heat shield experience to engineer the complexity out of expansion joint fire barriers, while at the same time providing superior levels of performance.

Out patented expansion joint fire barrier systems offer full protection for both current code requirements and potential future code requirements. Our standard FS 5800 systems can withstand 50% parallel lateral shear and/or expansion and contraction. They are competitively priced with fire barriers offering far less functionality. FS 5800 is designed for easy, low-cost installation, including features such as single-sided wall barrier installation with two sided fire protection. Custom systems with more dynamic movement or unique applications such as base isolated buildings are available.

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Thermal Structures Hand Crafted Quality Fire Barrier Systems

FS 5800 Fire Barrier System

US Patent No. 6131352


One of the only products available tested to withstand  50% Expansion, Contraction and Parallel Later Shear!

After the 1994 Northridge California earthquake, several buildings had to be retrofitted with new fire barrier product because their old barriers were destroyed by lateral shear, not by fires. Thermal Structures FS5800 products have been UL tested to withstand 50% parallel lateral shear and/or expansion and contraction.   This is among the highest movement rating commercially available.

Easy to install - No Fire Caulk Needed!
UL 2079 listed for 1 and 2 Hour ratings.

Our products can handle earthquakes and wind sway environments!
Built to withstand High Intensity Seismic events.  


US Patent No. 6131352

Canadian Patent No. 2277115

Japanese Patent No. 3188848

Mexican Patent No. 208495



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